Aumonerie Frassati ... What is it ? (Eng vers.)

Hi you !? If you're reading this in English it's because like us, you think that French can be very complicated and that it can be a pain to learn/study it. 😉
We are an "aumonerie " and it's difficult to translate it in English , the closest word would be a student chaplaincy. But don't panic, we're going to tell you who we are and what we exactly do! 
 We're a group of students who pray, eat, play, travel, enjoy the moment,well actually we do a lot of things together ! If you love sharing you'll feel at home among us, because we also love doing so !  If you love praying God you'll be at ease and feel just like home with us, because we also do that and we really like it. If you want to live the best year of your life you've found the place to be ! Because we do and discover a lot together throughout our journey. 
Finally if you want to join us for whatever reason you'll always be warmly welcomed!

Location: 91 rue Yves Decugis Villeneuve d'Ascq
How to get there : By metro line 1 at the metro stop Triolo
By bus, Bus 13 at the bus stop Résidence
When ? Each wednesday from 06 p.m